Asian American Pacific Islander Collective, Santa Cruz

Provide support, community, and resources for the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community in Santa Cruz County. www.aapisc.org


The organization is working to support the pan-AAPI community in Santa Cruz County. The group was formed initially as Asian Americans in the Santa Cruz Area to help provide resources due to the nationwide rise in anti-AAPI hate incidents that occurred during the covid-19 pandemic. It has evolved to provide more general resources and community connections for the AAPI community.


• First Annual Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Festival, May 21, 2022

• Vigil for the Asian Americans murdered in Atlanta, March 27, 2021 in conjunction with the San Lorenzo Valley/Scotts Valley Coalition Against Racism, organized by the initial founding member Stephanie Cheung

• Creation of an online group, Asian Americans in the Santa Cruz area, on Facebook, to provide connection and resources • Provided input in to the Santa Cruz City antihate proclamation

• Monthly meeting with the Santa Cruz Mayor and several other City Council members to provide AAPI input and feedback as well as receive guidance

• Monthly community call


Currently, AAPI groups across Santa Cruz County directly benefit from the organization through direct participation and sharing of resources and serving as a communications hub for the AAPI community. We also help cross-promote events and resources across People of Color (POC) communities within Santa Cruz County. We are hoping to help provide education and events to everyone in Santa Cruz County to support understanding and collaboration across all communities. Several circumstances we are looking to improve: (1) Awareness of issues facing AAPI residents in Santa Cruz County (2) Inclusion of broader AAPI history in to the education curriculum in Santa Cruz County (3) Community resources/hub for AAPI residents in Santa Cruz County and (4) AAPI representation in governmental and leadership positions in Santa Cruz county.


We have the opportunity to create what we believe is the first Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Festival in Santa Cruz County in partnership with the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History (MAH) and the 418 Project. We are looking to provide an opportunity for the community to celebrate, have food, but also have inter-generational leadership workshops and trainings (ex: anty-harrassment/ bystander intervention training). We are looking to make this an annual event and hoping to do the first one May 21, 2022. Longer-term, we are interested to identify a physical space to serve as a community hub for the AAPI community. We have been currently working on an all-volunteer basis and in-kind donations but we are applying for grants to help support the festival as well as longer-term projects.